Anne only has white or blue things in her apartment. All her clothes are also either white or blue. Everything in her kitchen is white or blue. Her carpet is blue, her sofa is blue, her bed linen is white and blue, even the paintings on the white walls are only white and blue. Her bathroom is all white with a blue toilet seat and a blue toothbrush. She has no plants in the house. Her eyes are the bluest blue you have ever seen.

Whatever the weather, she rides around Berlin on an old blue bicycle.

In her summer holidays she travels to a Greek island and stays in a white house with blue windows and blue doors and looks at the blue sea. The Greek flag is blue and white.

A friend once gave her a green salad bowl and salad servers for Christmas, and she just couldn’t believe it. How could this friend not have noticed? She gave the present to her grandmother the very next day because she didn’t want green things in her apartment.

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  1. I love your quirky posts!!
    I am putting you on my blog roll, where some really trendy folks come to read.
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