Day 1 – Across the sea

Across the sea to a land far away.
Everyone speaking a language that was strange.
I loved the books which we had brought with us because even though I couldn’t read yet, I knew they were in the language I understood.

4 thoughts on “Day 1 – Across the sea

  1. I think this one is a great start. Your art work makes me think, behind the art work.
    Like it, Sliby

  2. So good that you have started again. Have lots of fun. And it is fun for me too to see each day's your new art work.

  3. Looking forward to checking in and checking out the new artworks. Good luck with the deadline.

    Jennie & Bern

  4. Thank you Silvia and Karin.

    And thank you Jennie and Bern. I think I must have been insane when I decided to do 60 days. It is exhausting but even so, I am enjoying the process 🙂

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