Day 10 – Easter Egg

After a couple of years in Melbourne, we moved to Sydney. Something to do with my father’s work but I didn’t understand what.
Our old black car had recently been replaced by a new green VW beetle which was very nice even though it was a bit of a squeeze with all our luggage. We headed out on the long road north on Easter Saturday.
The adventure of moving to a new place was so exciting that I almost forgot about Easter. Anyway our usual Easter tradition was to paint hard-boiled eggs, and there wasn’t much opportunity for that on the road. We camped in our tent on Saturday night, pretty much in the middle of nowhere.
It turned out not to be so bad to be in the middle of nowhere because apparently that is where the Easter bunny lives.
On Sunday morning, my brother and I just could not believe it when we crawled out of the tent and each found a big Easter egg. Beautiful, shiny,colourful and made of chocolate!

7 thoughts on “Day 10 – Easter Egg

  1. what a happy easter egg. great colours!
    you are a wonderful artist.
    day 10 and every day is so special.
    as you know i am not good with writing in english….
    and i dont want to write:
    good girl! well done! great work! WEITER SO!!!!!!
    ( what are you cooking for dinner?)
    the picture i really really love is day number 7.
    its a great portrait and the combination of the eagle, face and signs just fantastic.
    dont eat to much chocolate.
    love beatrice

  2. I love you beautiful pictures. What a great mix of childhood memories and communication concepts, mixed with a bit of colour (more often please).

  3. Thank you so much for your comments Jane and Silvia and Beatrice and Karin. And I hope you had a lovely Easter 🙂

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