Day 11 – Slim Dusty

Up in Guyra, they have a ‘Lamb and Potatoes‘ festival each January, although I’m not sure that the lambs find the event all that festive. A few years ago, Marc and Moni and the kids and I happened to be in Guyra at the right time, so we strolled around and we bought our lunch from festival stalls. The others said the lamb was delicious, but I just had a bowl of chips.
There were lots of other interesting festival stalls along the highway. In one section, about a dozen small, restored steam engines were on display, with their motors chugging along and steam puffing out of the chimneys. I couldn’t figure out what they were for, but they smelt like the engine room of the old Manly ferries, and I liked that.

A bit further along, there were arts and crafts stalls. One local farmer was selling pottery figurines. He told me that he had made them at evening classes. All his figurines were of country music legends. I have never been a country music fan, but the Slim Dusty figurine was so wonderful, I just had to buy it. It sits on my bookshelf and I look at it every day.