Day 13 – Happy Mother’s Day

Yesterday, I was at a shopping centre and there were flowers for Mother’s Day on sale everywhere. It was probably the same at every shopping centre in the whole country and I wondered how much fertilizer and pesticide was used to get all these perfect looking flowers ready for exactly this day.

So I thought I would make my mother a picture of some daffodils instead. I hope she likes it.

Happy Mother’s Day. x

7 thoughts on “Day 13 – Happy Mother’s Day

  1. There isn't one flower shop around here–I called Edible Arrangements. Even if she doesn't like how it looks, she can eat it anyway.

  2. I like that, pilgrimchick. Bet your mum liked it too!

    Jane: nooooooo. Do you know how sharp those lino tools are! Not the sort of things to have in a bed. Shudder.

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