Day 18 – The Kayaker

When Dog and I went for our walk by the river this morning, I saw a strange sight. A man was paddling his kayak in the direction of the city, and the strange thing about it was that there was a cat sitting on the front of the kayak.

The man was wearing a business suit, which was also odd. I mean, if you were really going to work by kayak, wouldn’t you wear boating clothes, and change into your suit when you got to the city? Also, I don’t know of that many offices in the city that welcome cats.

All day I have been wondering whether the man was really kayaking to work, or whether it was a performance of some sort.

5 thoughts on “Day 18 – The Kayaker

  1. This print is beautiful, my new favourite. The picture is great and the story is so nice. I like people -and animal – doing things a little bit odd.

  2. that is a funny story – perhaps you should collect that weird if you see it again – your other friends may find him interesting also and he can be used perhaps as a performance artist at a party (or am I just too weird and/or too mean?) But I love the print & am wondering what is going to become of the print and story once the 30 days have elapsed

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