Day 24 – Brown legs

When I started high school, I saw how important it was too be cool, only I wasn’t very good at it.
Most of my friends knew how to be cool and often on weekends, we went to the beach with a transistor radio and we stretched out on our towels in our bikinis, and talked about the surfy boys. Only I didn’t know what to say about the surfy boys so I just stayed quiet and listened. My bikini was a hand-me-down from one of my friends.
On school days, we all sat in a row on the concrete outside the classroom in our lunch breaks. Our legs were stretched out in the sun and we smothered them in cocoa butter. It was cool to have very brown legs. That was the only cool thing I was good at.

6 thoughts on “Day 24 – Brown legs

  1. Clothing from the Army/Navy surplus store was "cool" when I was in high school–the grunge period was a time pasty-whiteness was en vogue.

  2. We had such pressure to be brown, now i am paying for it. I even used bryl cream for a while, not sure it was any good.

  3. It's been nice to have you stopping by lateley! I am a bit behind in my gratitude… Oh well, thatnkfully noone is holding me to the daily commitment, and I'm just catching up as I can.
    As for the legs… Mine burn if I spend more than 20 mins in the sun, so I wouldn't have made the cut in your gang! 🙂

  4. pilgrimchick, ha! I remember the army surplus trend too! Grunge happened after my school years…

    Yvonne, yes the pressure to be brown. I remember SPF4 sunscreens. That would just be a joke now!

    Luhlahh, same as you, I have fallen behind with my 60 days. Its hard to keep up with a daily blog challenge. And as for the legs, there were quite a few pink legs that just got roasted in the sun with the cocoa butter, but apparently that was what needed to be done. Weird.

  5. In the 80's I was alternative 'cool' with op shop and vintage clothing. An being white was 'in' or my crowd. Although one of my friend did like to be a beach bunny and spent hours tanning her legs like this. One day she decided her face was not brown enough so she positioned herself so that only her face was exposed to the sun. She was blonde and fair and I was quite alarmed even then. I wonder what her face looks like now?

  6. Hi Dette! Thanks for visiting!
    Oh, your poor friend with the fair skin and blonde hair! I'm sure some of the girls from my school days did heaps of damage to their skin. I guess I was lucky that I went away.
    These days I protect myself very carefully from too much sun exposure. I love the sun, but I don't forget how strong it is!

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