Day 26 – The shoebox

On my last day before leaving for Papua New Guinea, the girls at school gave me a present.
It was a shoebox that had pictures of models from glossy magazines cut out and pasted all over it. On a nest of tissue paper inside were lots different make-up things. It must have cost a fortune.
I felt like an imposter, receiving a gift like that. The other girls looked mature and sophisticated when they put on make-up; I just looked like a clown. I liked Pot o’Gloss though, because it tasted like delicious sweet berries. It was usually gone from my lips in about three minutes because that’s about how long it took me to lick it all off.
In any event, I never ever used any of it because I would have felt totally out of place wearing make-up in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.
It only dawned on me years later that this lavish present had not been bought but that in reality, light fingers must have pocketed the items from department store shelves.

4 thoughts on “Day 26 – The shoebox

  1. Funny! I know exactly how you feel about with make up. I used to wear it when I was younger ie as a teen but in my late 20's I pretty much stopped perhaps eyeliner and mascara but that was it. Now as I'm getting older and feel that perhaps a little make up would make me look/feel a bit more perky I end up feeling fake and 'clown like' Maybe I need to have a mini make over to see how the 'experts' do it and perhaps change the colours I am using now I'm 45.

  2. Yvonne and Jane and Dette, thank you so much for your comments 🙂

    Jane, exhibition opens 19 July. Buy to your heart's delight!!!

    Dette, glad I'm not the only clown! Sometimes I think a 'mini-makeover' might be a good plan too. Maybe we should both do it 🙂

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