Day 28 – TV Game Show

Once, I was a contestant on a TV game show. It was a sort of bravery dare to myself and it was exciting but I was very, very nervous.

Apparently I somehow made the other two contestants very nervous too and they made lots of mistakes. Which was surprising because, the night before, David the ‘carry-over champion’ nearly had the highest score ever. But on this night, the three of us managed to achieve the lowest scoreline in the history of the game.

Anyway, I won lots of prizes even though I only lasted a single episode.

4 thoughts on “Day 28 – TV Game Show

  1. Oh my god, you crack me up.

    I'd have vomited in terror.

    Thats hilarious, I do hope you still have your diamond set memento…..

  2. I DID nearly vomit in terror! But it was a hilarious experience.

    I'm sure I still have the very stylish (ahem) stick pin somewhere. Not sure where, though…

  3. I guess you've kept a good memory of the experience judging by your smiling face. Nice lighthearted feel to this print!

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