Day 29 – Breakfast Sausages

When I was 16, I lived in a town that had pretty cold winters. Often, we would warm ourselves up by starting the day with a full English breakfast. I remember one particular morning:

Jennie: “How many sausages will you have?”
Me: “How many are there?”
Jennie: “Seven.”
Me: “I’ll have seven.”

We sat down to breakfast and Jennie put all the sausages on my plate. They smelt good, and I knew the others really wanted some. And I’m sure they thought that I would be happy enough to call a joke a joke, and then share the sausages.

But in my stubborn teenage mind, it had become a dare, and I had decided I would eat them all, even if I exploded afterwards. Which I nearly did. All day at school, I felt ill. All day at work, the others probably felt hungry.

Funnily enough, I became a vegetarian a few years later.

One thought on “Day 29 – Breakfast Sausages

  1. This really made me laugh. I remember as a child, falling upon lamb chops with vigour, & devouring the fat, as fast as I could.
    Now, I would never eat lamb, or beef. I still eat chicken & pork, but not much.

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