Day 30 – Washing Lines

Most people hang up their washing all wrong. They don’t realise that the most important thing is to get it looking lovely. All the t-shirts together, all the trousers together, all the towels, all the socks, all the undies. And of course each line has to have the same colour pegs all along.

The other thing is that washing should be hung so that things dry quickly (ie, no big overlaps) and so that there are no creases in awkward places (I love washing lines but I really don’t like ironing). Most people don’t seem to think about this, either.

Whether it’s washing that is hung up all higgledy-piggledy, or whether it is perfectly neat, I really enjoy looking at washing lines. And I have discovered that quite a lot of people share my obsession with the matching pegs. Which I find surprising.

7 thoughts on “Day 30 – Washing Lines

  1. wieso haengt da ne hose zwischen den pullovern? wo sind die busenhalter? hahaha
    i love your washing lines …
    we should go one day to florenz/ venice…anyway italy, in front of every window is a little line, sometimes over the street, gasse in the city…

  2. … that's because its not my washing! An example of the 'higgledy-piggledy' variety…

    A tour of washing lines in Italy. That sounds like a good plan. One day soon 🙂

  3. A most beautiful print to complete your series and congratulations on completing your challenge!
    I hope you won't stop publishing your beautiful prints though!
    As for washing lines, I love photographing them, the only trouble is that there aren't many in the city…

  4. Thank you Lachezar 🙂
    I will keep posting prints and drawings, but just not every day.
    I agree, not nearly enough washing lines to be seen in cities.

  5. I too love hanging up the washing in a pattern.
    In early years it hat to be neatly same kind together, and then even the same type only on a sector (even rehanging things!). Then with colour pegs came an added challenging dimension. Such creativity in the live of a housewife at home with 4 kids! No I'm old and have lots of interesting little projects going, still keeping some order and beauty on my washing line is still very important.

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