Day 8 – Raven

We had an old fashioned black car. Sometimes we would go for a drive to the mysterious old forest near Healesville.
One day as we got out of the car at the forest, I saw a big glossy black raven looking down at us from a tree.
It was very hot weather but walking beside the little creek and under the shade of the giant trees was lovely and cool. We saw lots of other bush animals along the track. Lizards, birds, butterflies, wallabies and also a snake.
I noticed that the raven followed us on our walk, appearing every now and again on a nearby tree. Sometimes it would disappear and then I would catch a glimpse of its black wings swooping through the air. Next moment, it would be sitting on a high branch just ahead of us. It patiently stayed with us whilst we had a picnic and stayed as our strange guide all the way until we got back to our car.
I didn’t know what it was trying to tell us, but I liked that raven.

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