1. vesna has the most beautiful feet
  2. there’s a guy in an apartment in the next building who always plays his leonard cohen cd very loud on a friday night. he’s probably heartbroken, but i love listening to it.

9 thoughts on “Leonard

  1. Hi Mary! Yep, Leonard is very soothing, in a melancholy way. The volume from the other apartment gradually gets louder through the evening. I’m guessing a fair amount of red wine is involved. Poor guy.

    Hi Jane! You are more observant in different ways. I just fix on things I can draw….

  2. I love Leonard too!
    My Best Friend was once told she had ugly feet ~ it deeply wounded her, & she has wondered why, ever since!

  3. Hi Meggie. There is something fascinating about feet. I am sure your BF’s feet are very beautiful in their own special way.

  4. I have the biggest and most strange feet ever.

    You are welcome to draw them if you wish but they are a bit alarming.

    I wish I had been to see leonard cohen.

  5. Hi Fifi….all the better to swim with!

    Would love to take you up on foot drawing offer. And yeah, also wish I had gone to see lc while he was here.

  6. I have never liked my feet and certanly never thought they will make it to a blog site. I am simply amazed!

  7. Hi Vesna
    I hope you mean good sort of amazed, rather than shocked amazed! How could you not like your feet? They are beautiful. And now they are famous. Well, sort of 🙂

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