Urban oasis

The usual route Malo and I take to walk to his school bus is along the river, and then up the hill past a building site, then a little further along to the bus stop. After I say goodbye to Malo, I walk home with Dog via a different route, which is through an industrial area where there are lots of mechanics and panel beating workshops: a pretty ugly urban landscape, but Dog likes it because one of the car workshops has a dog he likes to talk to.

So this morning, we were doing our usual thing. The bit along the river is quite nice. We feel smug that we are not caught in the daily traffic jam on the bridge, we count pelicans, and watch ferries. Malo usually ends up a bit wet because he likes to jump waves made by the ferries’ wash.

On my way back home along car workshop street, something different caught my eye. Something green. I looked again, and I laughed. The Guerrilla Gardeners had been at work overnight. A vacant lot which had been just bare soil littered with broken glass, had been transformed into a small urban oasis. A green space for the mechanics and panel beaters to eat their lunch, with even a kennel as a shady resting spot for the car workshop dog!

The whole street looked infected by this sudden arrival of a small green jewel. A happy start to the day.

7 thoughts on “Urban oasis

  1. In the midst of terror, this post is happy! I had seen the ads this very afternoon for the Guerilla Gardeners, & wondered what that is all about! Look forward to seeing you illustration.

  2. Thanks, Meggie, and sorry it took so long to draw the picture. I have been crazy busy with work.

    I had heard about Guerilla Gardeners before, but had never encountered any of their gardens before. It was a lovely surprise.

  3. I’ve never seen these gardens. What a wonderful idea.

    I am amazed by how beautiful all the flowers are over here. Maybe it’s just the shock of being transported to summer but I am sure English cities are not so colourful.

  4. Thanl you, Reluctant Blogger. Yeah, the plants here do look so very different to those in Europe. I always find that very startling when I come home after a time overseas.

    Hope you are enjoying WA! I’m really looking forward to more of your Australian blog posts.

  5. I love your drawing!

    I have never seen or heard of these gardeners: I wish they would invade the whole of sydney…

  6. Thanks, fifi and Jane.

    I think its a pretty cool concept, to take a piece of wasteland and make it green. I walked by again this morning, and it still makes me smile.

    Would be great if they would plant herbs and fruit trees too. That would be such a gift to the future.

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