White laminex

When I hear the phone ring, the first thing I do is pick up a pen or pencil. The second thing I do is pick up the phone.

It doesn’t matter if I don’t have a piece of paper I can use right there, because the top of my desk is white laminex.

As I talk on the phone, I subconsciously scribble and draw and take notes on the laminex desk top. When there are so many scribbles that there is no room for any more, then I wipe the top of my desk clean with eucalyptus oil or metho, and I start again.

7 thoughts on “White laminex

  1. On a very basic level, I should replicate your habit. I tend to take down about half of what I should during phone conversations, and later, I rarely remember them.

  2. Hi pilgrimchick. My desk often looks a mess, but you can only fit so much writing on the back of your hand, hey! ha ha
    Thanks for visiting.

  3. That is extremely cool.
    I looked at this the other day, and then thought of it todaywhen I saw a lovely white table and chairs and could barely restrain myself drawing all over it like this…

  4. Don't restrain yourself! I reckon you could improve many a white table or chair with your drawings, fifi.

    Think of the fun we could have if we both went, pencils in hand, to Ikea. ha ha

  5. Love your laminex, so much more interesting than boring white.

    I would love to see the reactions when you & Fifi get going in Ikea!!

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