Day 14 – The baby

Then my sister was born and she was a real Aussie. Now our family had a solid connection to this new country, because no matter where else we might go, my sister’s place of birth would always be Australia.
She was just beginning to learn to talk when I started school. Each day when I got home, I proudly showed off the English I had learnt, although I often mixed up the two languages. I was working through my ‘David, Sue and Wendy’ book at school, and sometimes I cried because Wendy was such a difficult word that I thought I would never in my whole life learn to spell it.
But my baby sister was immersed in two languages from the start and she just absorbed them both with an impish smile.

3 thoughts on “Day 14 – The baby

  1. I remember David Sue and Wendy. Like the bit with the impish smile.

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